Ores within Terraria have their uses. Most are used for crafting weapons, armor, chandeliers, and other trinkets and doodads. Aurachalcum is virtually no different in that regard.


Aurachalcum Ore
Aurachalcum Ore
Type Ore
Explosion Resistant No
Purchase Not Applicable
Sell 55 Gold, 25 Silver
Ingredients None
Required Tile None

Aurachalcum Ore was created as my mod's first custom tile along with my first custom ore generation. The ore itself is not rare and can be found in fairly large veins around and below the cavern level of any given world the ore is generated in. Its uses, however, are limited until the player activates Hard Mode for that particular world or otherwise has access to hard mode ores and items. Any pickaxe can mine Aurachalcum.


The uses for this ore are many though most are locked until Hard Mode.

As AmmoEdit

Aurachalcum Ore itself cannot be used as ammo. It can, however, be crafted into "Shatter" ammo without the use of any specific crafting tiles. Shatter ammo is used for the Shatterer of Worlds weapon.


Like all other ores, Aurachalcum can be forged into a bar. These bars are not easy to make and will require Hard Mode materials to craft.

Aurachalcum BarEdit

Aurachalcum Bar
Aurachalcum Bar
Type Bar
Explosion Resistant No; Not placeable.
Purchase Not Applicable
Sell 25 Plat, 55 Gold, 25 Silver
Ingredients Adamantite Bar x 1

Aurachalcum Ore x 1

Required Tile Adamantite Forge

The fully realized form of Aurachalcum Ore. These bars are used in the creation of many pieces of very powerful equipment. Due to the nature of the equipment crafted from these bars (and the ingredients used to forge them), these crafting options are locked away until access to Hard Mode materials is available.


The uses for the bars are a bit more varied.


Aurachalcum Bars are used in the forging of the Aura armor set. This armor set is very powerful (absurdly so).


Aurachalcum Bars are also used in the creation of two ring accessories that further increase the power of a player.

Tensa ZangetsuEdit

This powerful weapon requires 50 Aurachalcum Bars and 1 Night's Edge in order to be created.