This is the second custom sword of my mod. This weapon was originally made to test the dungeon Guardians. It is very similar to Tensa Zangetsu. Click here to return to the main article.


Holy Shit
Type Broad Sword
Damage 5000
Knockback 12.5
Attack Speed 15
PvE Effects Absorbs 50% of damage done as life.
PvP Effects Aborbs 20% of (damage*2) as life.
Critical Chance 100%
Purchase Not Applicable
Sell 99 Plat, 99 Gold, 99 Silver, 99 Copper
Ingredients Tensa Zangetsu x 1, Aurachalcum Bar x 50
Required Tile Anvil

This sword is unrivaled by any other in this mod. It is almost capable of killing everything in a single attack. Like Tensa Zangetsu, however, this weapon will eventually be balanced. Until then, this item is considered a "cheat" item and will completely unbalance the game. It is slightly larger than Tensa Zangetsu and produces the same particle and light effects. The recipe this weapon uses will change as I design newer ores.


All information concerning updates (current and future) will be placed here.



Future UpdatesEdit

  1. Balance weapon damage, speed, and critical strike rating.
  2. Create custom handle for sword sprite.
    1. Refine sprite's blade.
  3. Possibly add a "blade beam" projectile