Tensa Zangetsu is a powerful weapon from the popular Anime/Manga Bleach. The name of this sword will be changed when I can be bothered to think of a new name for it. This weapon is absurdly powerful as is (not even remotely balanced) and can be considered a cheat item. This will change should I decide to release this mod publically.

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Tensa Zangetsu
Tensa Zangetsu
Type Broad Sword
Damage 666
Knockback 12.5
Attack Speed 15
PvE Effects Absorbs 33.3% damage done as life.
PvP Effects Aborbs 20% of damage multiplied by 2.
Critical Chance 100%
Purchase Not Applicable
Sell 99 Plat, 99 Gold, 99 Silver, 99 Copper
Ingredients 1 Night's Edge, 50 Aurachalcum Bar
Required Tile Anvil

This weapon was my first attempt at a custom item. It is absurdly powerful and generically named. Its sprite is simply a recolored Night's Edge until I decide on a better design for it. This weapon will always critically hit and leaves red particles (with similar colored light) behind as it is swung. The weapon is very quick to swing. Damage shown is the base damage of the weapon.


All updates (future and current) to this weapon will go here.



Future UpdatesEdit

  1. Balance weapon damage, swing speed, and critical chance. Higher damage for slower speed, lower crit?
  2. Create customized sprite for weapon