This is where information for the few weapons my mod adds can be found. These weapons are beyond overpowered and generically named. This will be changed once I care about balancing. As of now, these weapons can be considered "cheat" items.


This section should be obvious. There are two swords contained in my mod.

Tensa ZangetsuEdit

This weapon is absurdly powerful and attacks very quickly. It has moderate knockback and is slightly larger than your average broad sword.


This sword puts Tensa Zangetsu to shame. It has the same knockback as Tensa Zangetsu but it quickly becomes irrelevant due to the weapon's hilariously absurd damage.

Ranged WeaponsEdit

Like the swords above, this mod contains two ranged weapons.

Shatterer of WorldsEdit

This weapon is fairly unique among guns. It uses Shatter rounds (created from raw Aurachalcum ore) as ammunition. These rounds explode on contact with enemies or terrain. These explosions behave similarly to TNT/Dynamite and will destroy terrain. Useful for quick mining.

Take proper precautions when using this weapon near any structures you wish to keep. A ~6 block wide wall of dungeon blocks can help prevent damage done to housing should you misfire while outside.

Wave Motion CannonEdit

This weapon is similar to the Shatterer of Worlds. However, it is powered by magic (does not use any, however) and its ammo does not damage terrain, firing through it instead. Projectile explodes on contact with enemies (this will be changed as it interferes with it flying through enemies).